All Encompassing Travel Experience

Our company was formed in 2008 with a seemingly simple travel promise: “Your experience begins with ours.”

Yet that promise was far from simple. Our travel promise has shaped who we are and what you deserve to expect when working with Travel Leaders Group.

Our promise has provided peace of mind to millions of travelers – corporate and leisure alike – that they’re working with a travel agent professional who not only provides personalized service and expertise, but who is committed to delivering an experience unlike any other. On another vital level, our promise has also created an indelible bond between our company and our 40,000 travel agents, as well as with the industry’s most trusted travel suppliers with whom we’ve built strong relationships on your behalf.

While we’re still a relatively new company in name, Travel Leaders Group’s history stretches far beyond 2008.

In January 2008, Travel Acquisitions Group (TAG) began as a nearly $6 billion per year company, created through a management-led buyout of Carlson Leisure Group from Carlson Companies; this transaction included the former Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associates franchise brand, which was originally called Ask Mr. Foster Travel, a franchise brand dating back to 1888. In March 2008, TAG acquired a leading regional travel agency, TraveLeaders. Later that year, on the very same day that TAG merged operations with Tzell Travel Group, it officially launched the Travel Leaders brand nationally for its hundreds of franchised locations. The new Travel Leaders brand name not only embodies our years of expertise in offering the best travel experience available, but also who we continually aspire to be – industry leaders who take travel in an extraordinarily fresh direction.

Embracing our flagship brand, TAG became Travel Leaders Group in 2009. In addition to our substantial organic growth over the next three years, Travel Leaders Group grew dramatically through further acquisitions. In August 2010, Travel Leaders Group acquired Nexion – the travel industry’s premier host travel agency network – from Sabre Holdings. In December 2010, Travel Leaders Group acquired the travel industry’s largest travel agency consortium, Vacation.com, from Amadeus IT. Then in November 2012, Travel Leaders Group’s Tzell Travel merged operations with Protravel International.

Today, Travel Leaders Group continues to transform travel with an unparalleled commitment to our vacation and business travel clients via our progressive approach toward each unique travel experience. Each unique travel experience begins with one of our more than 40,000 travel agent professionals operating through a variety of diversified divisions and brands that are helping make Travel Leaders Group “The undisputed leader in travel.”