Survey also reveals that nearly 40% don’t use all their vacation time in any given year.

Plymouth, MN (June 2, 2014) — Whether it is the strong American work ethic or a new cultural “norm” at the office, a recent consumer survey by Travel Leaders Group reveals that a significant number of Americans can’t – or won’t – fully disengage while on vacation.  Over 95% of those polled state they “have or will take” at least one leisure trip in 2014; however, 48.9% of those individuals will check work emails and/or voicemail messages while on vacation.  Also, 38.5% of those surveyed are leaving vacation days on the table and not fully enjoying their benefits.  The survey was conducted by Travel Leaders Group – a $20 billion powerhouse in the travel industry – from April 6 to April 28, 2014, and includes responses from 2,719 consumers throughout the United States.

“What’s most compelling is that the anecdotal stories about Americans not using all their vacation time  and not completely decompressing from life at the office is reflected in our survey findings. It’s fundamentally clear that as a result, vacation time has become an even more precious commodity – the traveling public deserves to make the most out of every dollar spent,” explained Barry Liben, CEO of Travel Leaders Group. “From once-in-lifetime ‘bucket list’ trips to a quick weekend getaway, it is an investment in time and money, which is why our highly-trained travel agents make certain our clients get the most value out of their vacations.”

Liben also pointed to the positive economic findings from the survey. “Make no mistake, vacation travel bookings are very robust this year. Our survey numbers mirror recent findings by PhoCusWright in which there is an increase in leisure travelers and what they are spending,” Liben noted. “More than nine out of 10 survey participants will be taking the same or more trips than last year and 86% of those polled state they will be spending the same or more on their leisure trips this year as compared to 2013 – that’s an increase of 2.5% and 2.6% respectively compared to our survey results last year.”

Key Statistics and Findings: Leisure Travel is a Priority

Over 95% of those polled say they “have or will take” at least one leisure trip this year.

Nearly 93% indicate that the total number of leisure trips they anticipate taking in 2014 will be either the same or more than last year, which is up 2.5% over last year.  (This year, 36.5% say “more” while 56.1% say “the same.”)

Also, 86.0% of those polled state they will spend the same or more on leisure trips this year versus 2013, which is an increase of 2.6% over last year’s responses.  In 2014, 41.7% will spend “more” and 44.3% will spend “the same” on their leisure trips as compared to last year.

Top Reasons for Vacation Travel: When asked, “What are the key reasons why you have taken (or will take) at least one leisure vacation in 2014?” the top responses were (participants could select more than one answer):


For   rest and relaxation



To see and experience   someplace new



I do it every year



For my mental and physical   health



I need to get away


Checking In at Work While on Vacation:
When asked, “When traveling for vacation, do you check in with work (check emails, voicemail, etc.)?” over half of those surveyed state that their time away is important and they never check in with work while on vacation.

Never, my vacation is my   time to unplug from work completely.


Sometimes, usually just to   keep ahead of my emails.


Yes, I still need to be   plugged in for work regardless.


Using All Vacation Time:
When asked, “Do you typically use all your vacation days during a calendar year?” over 61% state they do not leave any unused time on the table.
(Retirees were factored out of the following responses.)

Yes, absolutely


No, I leave 1-2   days


No, I leave 3-4   days


No, I leave 5   days to a week


No, I leave   more than a week


No, I never   take vacations


Accommodations While Vacationing:
There are numerous reasons for vacation travel from visiting friends and family to splurging on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Consumers were asked to identify the type of accommodations they choose when traveling for leisure (participants could select more than one answer):

1 Full-service hotel


2 Resort or all-inclusive


3 Budget hotel/motel


4 With friends/family


5 High-end/luxury hotel


Land or Cruise:
When asked whether participants’ leisure trips were land-based, cruise-only or a combination of both, the results (compared to previous years) show:






Land-based, only.





Cruise, only.





Both land-based and cruise   vacations.





Traveling Away from Home:
With so many survey participants indicating they will take at least one leisure trip in 2014, it was also important to find out how far they are traveling from home.  Selecting all options that apply to their leisure trip(s) this year, the top responses were:


Travel within the U.S. and   farther than a bordering state



Travel within your home   state



Travel internationally   (Canada, Mexico and/or Caribbean)



Travel to a bordering state



Travel internationally   (Europe)


Through the years, Travel Leaders Group has built a reputation for gathering extensive travel trends data from its vast network of travel agents and more recently from American consumers and travelers. This is the sixth consecutive year for the consumer travel survey. Travel Leaders Group also recently released information related to airport security satisfaction and TSA Pre✓™ and common travel dilemmas.  American consumers were engaged predominantly through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as through direct contact with travel clients for the following Travel Leaders Group companies: Cruise Holidays, Nexion, Results! Travel,, Travel Leaders, Tzell Travel Group and

Travel Leaders Group is a leader in both the retail travel agency space and corporate travel, and it consistently ranks as one of the top travel companies nationwide. Most recently, Travel Leaders Group was again named among the Top 10 on the Travel Weekly Power List, #1 on the Business Travel News 2013 Business Travel Survey and #1 on Entrepreneur’s latest Franchise 500 list of full-service travel agency franchise businesses.

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Travel Leaders Group ( is transforming travel with a commitment to our vacation and business travel clients via our progressive approach toward each unique travel experience. Having already assisted millions of travelers – through our beginnings as Carlson Leisure Group, a division of Carlson Companies, TraveLeaders and Tzell Travel Group and through the additions of Nexion, and Protravel International – Travel Leaders Group manages leisure, business and franchise travel operations under a variety of diversified divisions and brands. With annual sales of approximately $20 billion, Travel Leaders Group not only ranks as the #1 corporate travel management company by Business Travel News, but it is also among the top ten travel companies on the 2013 Travel Weekly Power List. In 2013, Entrepreneur ranked a Travel Leaders Franchise Brand #1 in the category of “Travel Agencies-Miscellaneous.”