Protravel Human App Provides “Peace of Mind” Through Timely Travel Counsel

 New York, NY (October 27, 2014) — Today, Protravel International is formally introducing its Human App, which has been specifically engineered and designed to provide the highest, foremost level of care to travelers, regardless of whether they’re equipped with smartphones. Coming in all colors and sizes, Protravel’s ingenious and impeccably stylish Human App is already providing critical care to travelers at the times they need it most: when the unexpected in travel occurs. Comprised of its always-connected, live network of more than 800 travel agent advisors throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, Protravel’s Human App is provided to every client of the luxury travel agency.

“Protravel’s Human App is routinely saving the day for our clients, no matter where they are and no matter which unforeseen travel issue they’re facing,” noted Patrick Fragale, President of Protravel International. “Over the past months, the headlines on unexpected problems impacting travel have been relentless. From seemingly endless European airline strikes, to unexpected flight cancellations due to a fire damaging Chicago’s key air traffic control center, to political unrest in several different countries, to the Ebola epidemic in several West African countries, the travelers we serve can rest assured that our Human App is virtually in their pocket when they need our expert travel agent advisors most. Best of all, there’s no download required. Travelers only need to call 800-227-1059.”

“During the Air France pilots’ strike, we were working tirelessly to rebook flights, refund old tickets, and forward the necessary information to our clients before most of them even knew about the announced strike action,” stated Richard Engle, a Protravel International travel agent based in Chicago. “While I was working day and night to evade the threat looming over my clients’ plans, their minds were at peace sitting by the pool in Southern France, riding bikes in Morocco, or dining out in Paris.”

Even when the recent fire at the Air Traffic Control Center in Aurora, Illinois, disrupted travel through the busy Chicago area and caused many flight cancelations, Protravel’s clients had little to worry about.  “While over a thousand flights were canceled, mostly at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago – one of the world’s busiest airports –  Protravel agents were already on top of the situation,” explained Carol Ecob, branch manager of Protravel in Chicago. “As we were trying to rebook clients out of Chicago, I was proud to see our Human App’s tremendous creativity and teamwork in action. For example, two of our agents paired up their clients with a driver to take them to Detroit for a rebooked flight. This is great problem-solving. As a result, we have many grateful and happy travelers.”

“At the time of the unrest in Gaza this summer, I monitored my client’s stay in Egypt since he was due to fly from Cairo via Amman (Jordan) and on to Tel Aviv to meet with his family,” said Janice Martorano, one of Protravel’s seasoned agents in New York. “I was watching over the whole week of his proposed travel, when without warning the airline he was originally booked on stopped flying. With my client’s safety and convenience in mind, I preemptively managed to find one of the last seats from Cairo via Cyprus to Tel Aviv, so that he could be reunited with his family and continue his travels.”

Protravel’s Human App offers services that are truly priceless and quite often are 24/7. “In early August, just as many flights to Sierra Leone were being suspended due to the Ebola outbreak, my worried clients – a young family stationed in Sierra Leone – called me to get them back home as soon as possible in fear all borders would close,” stated Susan Gatewood, a New York-based Protravel agent whose clientele encompasses mostly nonprofit organizations traveling to Africa and Asia.  “I had spent 48 hours obsessively checking outbound flights from Freetown on all carriers, while putting the family on every waitlist. I managed to get all family members on one flight out of the country on Friday, just before they closed down the borders – a happy ending after all.”

Fragale summed up the significance of Protravel’s Human App by explaining, “With so much emphasis on technology in life today, isn’t it refreshing to remember that only real-live human beings are capable of providing the highest level of care as personified in our Human App? At Protravel, our travel agents use technology coupled with their expertise to take travelers’ experiences to unparalleled heights. That’s the Protravel Human App difference.”

Let Protravel’s Human App work for you by calling 800-227-1059. With an award-winning reputation, Protravel International is a recognized leader in corporate and luxury travel. Protravel was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in New York City. With annual sales reaching over $870 million, it has grown into a network of 18 branch locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, plus a network of hosted agents throughout the U.S.

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About Protravel International LLC:

Protravel International LLC is a Travel Leaders Group company. Founded in 1984, Protravel International LLC is a full-service, dynamic travel company with an award-winning reputation. With annual sales reaching over $870 million, Protravel is headquartered in New York City and supports a network of 18 branch locations throughout the United States and London, plus a network of hosted agents in all corners of the U.S. Today, over 800 people make up the Protravel organization. Our expertise in destination, international faring and competitive products – coupled with our superior network of contacts in the airline, hotel, cruise and hospitality industry – makes Protravel one of the most powerful selling forces in the travel industry.

Protravel’s diversity of products, size of annual sales and nationally recognized stature permits them to leverage these strengths to bring the most competitive pricing and aggressive negotiations for our highly diverse client base. It is a company-wide commitment to search for the best possible travel options for our customers. Travel arrangements are personally tailored to take optimum advantage of the most up to the minute changes in the industry.

For many years, a dedicated team has guided Protravel with innovative ideas and skills. By incorporating the latest technologies and carefully monitoring industry developments, the finest products and highest levels of service are maintained. The continued success of Protravel is a testament to our sound operation and well-planned development.