Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs

A key benefit of being undisputed leaders in travel is our ability to provide agencies and individual agents an enormous range of programs and resources to meet your unique needs. Please take a moment to review the outline of our major business opportunities, along with what some of our agency members are saying, and then contact us to discuss a customized solution for all your needs.

Our Travel Agency Groups are Comprised of:


Nexion® is the premier and most trusted host agency in the United States and Canada – leading the industry since 1995. Our mission is to help independent travel professionals accelerate their success. Nexion enables our agents to operate more efficiently and profitably by reducing costs and increasing revenues. We provide the entire range of services needed by independent travel pros, including ticketing fulfillment, training, peer to peer support and marketing services.

Travel Leaders
Travel Leaders is the full-service, flagship brand of Travel Leaders Group with hundreds of locations in the United States, Greece and Ireland. As a leading travel franchise opportunity, Travel Leaders offers an exclusive lead-generation program for certified leisure travel specialists, an unequaled and award-winning Centers of Excellence in Business Travel, Luxury Travel and Independent Contractors (ICs). In addition to these industry-leading programs, Travel Leaders offers best-in-class backend airline overrides, incentive commissions with top suppliers and destinations, award-winning marketing programs and a brand that clearly and boldly represents you as a leader in travel.

Protravel International
Protravel International is a nationally-recognized leader in the premium and luxury segments of the travel industry. The success of our relationships with our clients rests solely on the shoulders of the staff who service each account. Our agents are dedicated, skilled and highly motivated professionals. They are not merely order-takers – rather they operate as travel counselors and information managers with the knowledge and contacts to deliver premium service consistently.

Tzell Travel Group
Tzell Travel Group is one of the largest corporate and leisure travel companies in the world. Tzell’s independent agents are an essential part of our business and a critical factor in our success. At Tzell, we recognize and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and professionalism you contribute. In return, we provide industry-leading support, tools and technology to help you grow your business and maximize your earnings. We provide strong preferred relationships with suppliers, tailored travel accounting services, full time technical support and training. That leaves you to cater to your clients and increase your opportunities.

If you’re a travel agent interested in kick-starting your career, or if you’re new to travel and would like to embark on a new career as a travel agent professional, please visit Travel Leaders of Tomorrow to learn how we can help you develop both the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed in this exciting and growing industry.

If you’re interested in learning about career opportunities directly with Travel Leaders Group, please go here where you can review and apply for open positions.